3 Reasons You Shouldn't Remove A Tree On Your Own

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Remove A Tree On Your Own

14 November 2022
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There are several reasons you may want to have a tree removed from your property. It may be too big, showing signs of rot, attracting unwanted wildlife or simply causing too much mess when the leaves fall. If you've never witnessed a tree being removed, you may be tempted to take on the project yourself with the hopes of saving some money. However, tree removal can be complex and requires a mix of experience and knowledge to ensure it's done safely and well. Here are three reasons you shouldn't add tree removal to your list of DIY projects:

Damage To Power Lines

If you have power lines nearby your property and your tree removal doesn't go to plan, you risk damaging a power line. This could leave your neighbourhood with no power for days, which would make you pretty unpopular. Hitting a power line can also cause a fire, which could damage surrounding properties and risk the lives of others.

Improper Equipment

Tree removal professionals have the correct safety equipment needed to get the job done with minimal risk. They have protective head gear, know how to use ropes and pulley systems and have been trained in the safe use of equipment, such as chippers, chainsaws and cranes. There are a number of safety risks present when removing a tree, including falling from a ladder, sustaining an eye injury from wood splinters and severing a finger or limb, and sustaining an injury can lead to you having to take time off work.

Significant Mess

To reduce the risk of damage to surrounding structures, even young trees need to be removed in stages. This generates a significant mess that you will have to deal with yourself if you decide to cut a tree down. Fallen leaves, sawdust, cut branches and stump grindings need to be cleaned up immediately or you run the risk of attracting vermin or blocking water drainage systems if you get a spell of heavy rain. Additionally, your neighbours won't want sawdust blowing into their property. When you use a tree removal service they will deal with the mess for you. Branches will be put through a chipper and the leaf debris will be gathered up at the end of the day and taken for appropriate disposal.

If you have a tree you're considering removing, contact a tree removal company. They can assess the condition of the tree and plan a safe removal to minimise risk of harm or damage to surrounding properties.

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