Why Farmers Should Hire Arborists to Remove Trees From Their Farmland

Why Farmers Should Hire Arborists to Remove Trees From Their Farmland

6 February 2020
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Farmers who have trees on their farmland should consider letting an arborist remove them. Here are two reasons why they might need to use an arborist's services.

Any trees surrounding their crop fields could damage the crops in them

If a farmer's crop fields are surrounded by trees, then they should probably have these taken down by some arborists. The reason for this is that these trees have the potential to damage the farmer's crops.

For example, if a tree's larger, heavier branches snap off when a storm occurs, they could fall and squash the fruits or vegetables that they land on. If the storm is so severe that an entire tree collapses onto the field, dozens of the plants in that field could be destroyed. The farmer would then have to spend at least one full workday getting rid of these branches or the tree and then planting new crops in place of the damaged ones.

Additionally, they might have to wait a few extra months for those newly planted crops to grow and become harvestable, which would then result in them having to wait longer to start selling these crops. This might affect the farmer's finances in a negative way. The only way that a farmer in this situation could make sure that this wouldn't ever happen would be to let an arborist take down all of these trees.

Any trees that their livestock have access to could cause problems for these animals

If there are trees in or close to a farmer's grazing fields where they keep their livestock, it would be best for that farmer to book an arborist and get these trees felled, as the trees might end up causing livestock-related problems.

For example, if cows routinely scratch themselves against the trunk of a tree that is unstable or diseased, the weight of these large animals bumping up against it every day could gradually cause the trunk to become less and less stable, which could then lead to it becoming uprooted and collapsing onto them. An incident like this could leave a cow so badly injured that the farmer's vet may have to put them down.

If the trees in or around the grazing fields produce fruit, the livestock could also end up feasting on the fruit when it falls into the fields. This might be an issue if a farmer is trying to be very careful about the quantity and type of food that their livestock consume.

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