Not Stumped for Time: How to Remove a Tree Stump Quickly and Painlessly

Not Stumped for Time: How to Remove a Tree Stump Quickly and Painlessly

13 February 2020
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Tree stumps are a drain wherever they may be. Not only are they dangerous and unsightly, but they can take up valuable space too. It's no surprise, then, that you want to remove your tree stump as quickly and painlessly as possible. However, not all tree stumps are the same. Several factors might affect the speed at which you can remove a tree stump.

You Can Dig Out Pine Tree Stumps

Unlike deciduous tree stumps, which have expansive root systems that go deep underground, pine tree stumps have shallow, wide roots. This means that you can quickly dig out a pine tree stump without exerting too much effort. However, if you are digging on a hot day, it's a good idea to get friends or relatives to lend a hand.

You Can Dig Out Small or Old Tree Stumps

If your tree stump has been rotting in the ground for months or even years, then it will probably be much softer and more brittle than a relatively new tree stump. This means that you can probably dig it out quite quickly. The same is true for small tree stumps which, while not as soft as old stumps, will have much smaller root systems.

Deciduous Tree Stumps Require a Grinder for Fast Removal

Is your tree stump that of a mature deciduous tree? Then you should assume that its root system is expansive and deep underground. In fact, most trees have a root system that is as much as four times the size of the tree's canopy. That means digging the stump out will require substantial time and effort. You might also struggle to remove all of the stump and its roots.

In this case, the fastest and least tiring way to remove the stump is to either hire a stump grinder or hire a tree stump grinding service to grind the stump out for you. This will ensure that the entirety of the stump and its root system is removed completely. While this is the fastest way to remove a stump, the time taken depends on the condition of the stump and the area in which is located.

However, provided everything goes smoothly, you can probably begin to use the space occupied by the stump the next day. And one added benefit is that you can use the wood chips left over from the stump as mulch for your garden in future.

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