Three Essential Tree Removal Safety Tips That the Pros Practice

Three Essential Tree Removal Safety Tips That the Pros Practice

24 March 2020
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Felling a tree is a dangerous job. During tree removal, there is always the risk that a tree could fall unexpectedly or in the unintended direction, leading to injuries and property damage. That is why safety must be your number one priority when you're planning a tree removal job.  

Tree removal professionals take a number of precautions to prevent accidents that may inflict injury and cause property damage. Keep reading on to find out some of the things they do to ensure everyone's safety during tree removal.

They Assess the Condition of the Tree Prior to Removing It

Before starting work, a tree removal specialist will come to your property to inspect your tree so as to check its condition. The condition of the tree will affect how it should be cut down. For example, a dead tree is usually weak and unstable and may easily fall in a direction you don't expect during removal.

A suitable work technique is then chosen to fell the tree safely. 

They Assess the Work Area Before Commencing Work

How tall and large is your tree? Is it located close to your house, other structures on the property, overhead electricity lines and neighbouring properties? Once the tree is on its way down, it can injure anyone and destroy anything in its trajectory.

Before starting work, a tree removal specialist will assess the work area to identify potential hazards that they may face when felling your tree. They will then take steps to cushion against those hazards. 

For example, certain tools that conduct electricity, such as electric chainsaws, shouldn't be used to cut down trees that are located near overhead power lines, even if the lines have been de-energised. Some de-energised power lines may still have some locked-up energy that can injure or kill someone.

They Keep an Eye Out for Bad Weather 

Tree felling is inherently dangerous, and doing the job in extreme weather only adds to the danger. Tree removal specialists know that safety comes first and that all operations must be halted in bad weather. 

They will only start or resume work when they deem the weather to be favourable for ensuring safe tree removal operations. 

While you're not legally required to hire a tree removal service for your tree-felling job, it's advisable that you do so. A specialist will ensure your tree is cut down safely but also get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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