Should You Consider Tree Removal During Winter?

Should You Consider Tree Removal During Winter?

24 July 2020
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Most people believe that tree maintenance cannot be done in winter. Some may even think that tree care professionals do not work because of the snowy and cold weather outdoors. However, those winter months are an ideal time for conducting tree maintenance tasks like pruning and tree removal. In fact, some consider winter to be the best time to prune trees because they are dormant. So, what benefits will you gain if you consider pruning or tree removal in winter? Here are some outstanding pros you cannot overlook.

It'll be easier to assess the tree structure

The first thing tree care experts do before they start pruning and removal is to access the structure of the tree. Since the leaves have fallen by winter, the tree expert will find it easier to examine the tree. The assessment is usually done to identify the dead and diseased branches in order to get a more detailed diagnosis. The results will allow the tree care professional to create a customised and precise maintenance plan for trees.

You'll prevent winter damage

Having dying, dead, or damaged trees in your compound in winter can be detrimental. The large quantities of snow or ice can take a toll on them, forcing them to fall when you least expect. If such a tree falls on your roof or any other structure in your compound, it will cause significant damage or injuries. The last thing you want is to deal with structural or roofing damages and injuries in winter. By having such trees removed or pruned, your home will be safer throughout the season. Any weak tree you had will also be stronger after the dead or diseased parts are removed.

There will be fewer obstacles

Most people do not spend a lot of time outdoors in winter, unlike in other seasons when people are always walking around, camping, cycling, or hiking. Since people spend most of their time indoors, the tree removal process will be carried out smoothly. You won't even have to worry about your little ones since they are safe and warm inside the house. The fewer obstacles make the work easier, which saves time and money.

The chances of spreading diseases are minimal

Most of the fungi, bacteria, insects, and parasites that create or spread diseases in trees are usually dormant in winter. So, if the dead or diseased parts of the trees are removed, the damage will not spread further, and by spring, the tree will be healthier.

To learn more, contact a tree removal service.

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