Have a Dead Tree in Your Yard? See Why You Should Get an Arborist to Remove It

Have a Dead Tree in Your Yard? See Why You Should Get an Arborist to Remove It

4 February 2021
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Trees transform a landscape into a private and beautiful place you can go to and relax after work. When you offer them the recommended care and maintenance, they will make your residential property look more appealing, help reduce your heating and air conditioning costs, and improve your quality of life. However, even when properly maintained, a time comes when trees overgrow, get sick or start drying up. The trees could even die if proper care is neglected. A dead tree can be a safety hazard in your home and neighbourhood. 

Here are three reasons to call an arborist to remove the sick and dying trees from your property.

Dead Trees Are Homes for Pests

When a tree dies, it becomes a home for pests. Carpenter ants, termites, and other wood-boring insects will set up their nests there and become a menace in your home. They might start moving from the tree to other parts of your home, like the basement and the foundation. 

The dead tree might become a home for larger animals such as squirrels, rats, mice, and possums, depending on its size and structure. It is critical to call an arborist to remove the dying or dead tree because it could be more vulnerable to a lightning strike. Tree removal will help keep pests away from your home.

Dead Trees Can Fall at Any Time

The second reason to consider removing a dead tree is that it can fall at any time. For example, when the tree branches start drying up, the damage started from the roots. It means that if there is a storm or strong wind in your locality, the force of the moving wind and rain could easily uproot the tree. 

The tree could fall on your house, on cars, and even on power lines, leading to catastrophic damage. You should have dead trees removed before they fall and destroy your property.

Dead Trees Ruin the Beauty of the Landscape

Dead trees compromise the beauty of your landscape in a big way. The brown leaves and dead branches stand out instead of blending in with the rest of the greenery. They even make the yard look poorly maintained. However, having a professional remove the dead tree is an excellent way to bring beauty and balance back to your landscape.

The essential thing is to know when to hire a professional arborist for tree removal services. They will help remove the dead trees so you can have a scenic and safe landscape around your home at all times. 

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