Why Tree Trimming Is A Good Idea Before Winter

Why Tree Trimming Is A Good Idea Before Winter

15 March 2021
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With summer drawing to a close, many people are starting to prepare their gardens for wintertime and the ensuing problems it can cause. While many Australians are quite active in their garden, not many have the skills or tools to actually deal with large trees and stick to maintaining the base and other, more manageable plants. However, every year before winter, it is a good idea to call in a tree trimming expert to make sure you are kept safe and your garden looks great for the colder months. Here are a few reasons why you should call a tree trimming contractor before the real cold hits.

No More Growth

Your tree is not likely to expand in size during winter, even if it is an evergreen. Getting it trimmed to make it look nice and smart during winter will make its appearance last a lot longer than at other times of the year, such as before spring. This gets the most bang for your buck and means your trees will look good for months with very little effort on your part. If you have been considering going for a trim but had no incentive before, now is the time to do so!


Winter can kick up a lot of storms in certain parts of the country, and that can mean any extra-large branches that are not entirely steady are at risk of breaking off and falling on power lines or even smashing through your window. The last thing you want during a storm is to have your window broken and all the swirling winds to come into your home. Tree trimming ensures all the branches that remain are in a very strong condition and unlikely to fall off even during the heaviest of winter storms.

Final Inspection

Another reason why a tree trimming could be a good idea is that the expert arborists who do it know how to spot other, more severe troubles with your tree than just the length of the branches. If your tree is actually dying or suffering from a serious disease, your tree trimmer will recognise that immediately and suggest a course of action you should take. If you don't get any sort of expert attention at all before winter, then it could mean you have several tonnes of dead trees just waiting to fall down on your home or property. Don't risk going through all of winter with that in your head; get a tree trimming now to look good and feel safe!

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