Mistakes To Avoid During Tree Removal

Mistakes To Avoid During Tree Removal

22 November 2021
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While it's great to have trees in your backyard, there comes a time when you need to get rid of some of them. If a tree becomes a safety hazard, you have no choice but to cut it down. But the question is, can you do it properly? 

Well, most homeowners see tree removal as a very simple task, but it isn't. Surprisingly, you might end up making mistakes during the process. That being said, here are some common mistakes people make during tree removal and how you can avoid them.

Leaving the Stump

Most DIY-ers don't think about the tree stump after they cut down a tree. Unfortunately, tree stumps can make your landscape look ugly and provide a good habitat for termites and other insects. 

Apart from that, tree stumps are a huge hazard to children. They can trip over the tree stump when running or playing in your compound. Besides, a tree stump can cause damage to your mower if you hit it accidentally when mowing your lawn. To avoid all these problems, have the stump removed by professionals.

Failing to Engage a Tree Removal Company

People may opt to cut down trees by themselves instead of hiring a tree removal company. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that can lead to accidents and property damage. If you hire an arborist to help with tree removal, they'll ensure that the tree falls in a direction that won't cause any damage to your house or property. Besides, these professionals will direct the trees away from power lines and sidewalks. As a result, no lives will be endangered during the entire process. 

Removing a Rotten Tree

The other mistake homeowners make is by attempting to remove rotten trees. Removing a rotten tree is quite different from cutting down a normal tree. Rotting trees are brittle, and they could actually crumble and fall without you knowing. Instead of putting your body at risk, you might want to hire a professional tree removal company to execute the task.

Not Wearing Protective Equipment

Whether you have enough experience in cutting trees or not, you should still wear protective equipment. You never know what's going to happen in the process of cutting down a tree. For instance, a branch might snap off the tree and fall directly on your head. By wearing goggles, hard hats and gloves, you'll be safe from minor accidents.

If you can avoid these mistakes, you won't have to worry about accidents or property damage during tree removal tasks. 

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