Tree Lopping Done Right: Top 3 Considerations

Tree Lopping Done Right: Top 3 Considerations

23 October 2020
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Tree lopping enhances the structure and promotes the good health of your tree. Another advantage is that it helps to shape the tree and enhances its appearance. Cutting off weak and unhealthy branches is also important for everyone's safety as these branches can fall off at any time, posing a serious safety risk.

These are all advantages that you can look forward to if the tree lopping is done right. Here are some of the considerations to guarantee this.

A Job for Experts

Tree lopping is quite a complex process. There are techniques to follow, and it requires the use of tools and equipment. To get the cuts right while safely operating the equipment calls for expertise and experience.

While you may be tempted to do the lopping yourself to save some money, keep in mind that if you don't apply the right technique, your tree may not heal as fast or as well from the lopping. You also run the risk of hurting yourself and others and causing damage to property if you make mistakes while operating the equipment.

Follow the Rules

Depending on the tree's height and the size of its trunk, you may be required to obtain a permit for tree lopping. Regulations differ from one municipality to the next, so you will want to make sure you check with your local council for the specifics. Going against procedural standards and regulations may attract a penalty.

Similarly, you will also need to check with your homeowner's association before starting. Some associations require that you secure their permission before you can go ahead with any tree care services, including tree lopping.

Get the Timing Right

While there is no set limit on how old your tree should be to qualify for lopping, there are several benefits to doing it while the tree is still young. What is most important is that the tree can continue producing its own food even after some of its limbs have been cut. Tree lopping is much easier with younger trees, and as such, will take less time and cost less. Your tree will also get to enjoy the many benefits of the process early.

Additionally, you may want to schedule your lopping service for spring or summer. The conditions during these seasons are perfect for your trees to heal.

Get it right with the timing and the technique, and you can look forward to healthy trees that look their best thanks to tree lopping. It is a service well worth the investment, both in the short and long term.

For more information, contact a local tree lopper.

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