Dos and Don’ts for Trimming and Lopping Trees in Your Yard

4 February 2020
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Tree trimming and lopping are essential steps in promoting growth and increasing yield. Trimming helps get rid of unwanted branches while lopping involves getting rid of large branches or whole tops so the tree can regrow. While both of these practices are essential, they should be performed in a proper and timely manner to avoid adverse effects. Improper pruning or lopping can weaken a tree or expose it to disease. Therefore, observe the following dos and don'ts when carrying out these tree care tasks to improve the health of your trees. Read More …

Three Central Tips for Assessing Your Damaged Tree Before Removal

27 January 2020
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If there is an unhealthy or damaged tree on your property, you should think about having the plant assessed before planning for removal. A qualified tree specialist will examine the condition of the tree and prepare a report on its status. This will help you make a decision on cutting it down. Also, the specialist will also help you understand the other options for managing the problem. In addition, you can use the report when applying for legal removal. Read More …

Beginner Tips for Planting and Growing Apple Trees in Your Yard

23 January 2020
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How amazing would it be to make apple tarts and pies with apples picked right outside your house? That's right! Planting apple trees in your yard allows you to enjoy freshly picked fruit for your juices, sauces and baked goods. What's more, fruit trees are a great addition to your existing landscape. They not only increase curb appeal but also provide shade for your lawn and filter the air. However, as you know, growing trees can be hard for most beginner gardeners. Read More …

4 Actions You Should Take Before Removing a Branch From Your Tree

22 January 2020
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In Australia, trees are important both to the landscape and the animals and people that reside in it. This is why councils across Australia have such strict regulations regarding the removal of trees. As such, if you wish to remove one of your tree's branches, you'll need to be sure you are allowed to do so beforehand. Removing a branch without doing your research first could land you in trouble. Read More …

Benefits Associated with Professional Tree Removal Services

22 January 2020
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If you are a tree lover, then you probably have a lot of trees around your home. Besides enhancing the look of your home, tree planting is beneficial to the environment. However, with time, the trees will wither. At this point, the trees will become more of a threat to your family than a beautifying element. Withered trees can cause damage to your home in the case of natural calamities. Such trees will need to be removed to enhance the safety of your family and property. Read More …

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